Committee activity is the life blood of the Association. Participation gives members an opportunity to grow and broaden their perspectives and to observe other industry members at work. Committee members are made of volunteers interested in being involved in the Association and the President appoints Committee Chairpersons. Each committee is assigned a board member liaison to help the committee functioning and reporting to the Board of Directors. Committee meetings are open to the general membership unless designated as a "closed meeting" by the President. The Board of Directors may change committees at any time. Current committees are as follows.


Career Development

Helps coordinate and implement education courses and seminars for the members and non-members.

Rental Relations

Review written complaints received from residents and seek response from member. Make recommenda-tion for resolution of dispute while educating both parties. This committee has certain structure and criteria.

Membership Relations

Purpose to recruit, activate & retain members: To contin-uously promote BCSAA & its advantages to the public. And Establish a rapport between multi-housing industry personnel, mixers and exchang-ing of ideas.

Product Service Council

Typically made up of vendor members. Purpose is to formulate, plan, solicit sponsors and promote special events that will encourage participation of all members. PSC also provides opportunities for vendor members to promote their products.

Community Service

Promotes and gives back to our community. Habitat for Humanity and Twin City Missions are two prima-ries.


Independent Rental Owners—Provide programs & networking for rental owners of less than 100 units.


Political Action Committee—Advocates for legis-lation relating to the pressing problems and con-cerns of rental housing owners and professionals. Plans and conducts annual Golf Tournament, Si-lent Auction and any other events determined by the committee.

If you are interested in learning more or signing up for one of our committees, contact us today!


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